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Steering of Roaming, now it's personal

Personal Roaming Control

Synapse's cost-effective and reliable PRC solution provides the operator with the ability to provision their subscribers with personal roaming lists based on the subscriber's actual travelling habits and on the operator's preferred choices of roaming partners.

Key Benefits

  • Decreased roaming costs and improved roaming margins
  • Minimizes churn and improves roaming experience for the end user
  • Improved base for negotiations of roaming contracts

Main features

  • Configuration of preferred partners per country and the desired share of roaming traffic between them
  • Definition of mandatory partners that should always be prioritised in the processing and creation of Personal Roaming Lists
  • Preferred steering by SIMOTA and Managed steering of roaming by SS7 or SIGTRAN. This hybrid solution offers the best of both worlds
  • Non-intrusive behaviour that doesn't force subscribers to change operator when it isn't necessary
  • Dynamic creation of unique roaming list for each subscriber
  • Current and historical information on the number of roamers per country and operator
  • Ability to include historical data, e.g. CDR information, in the process of generating Personal Roaming Lists

Future proof beyond standards

  • Support for both 3GSM and LTE in the same solution
  • Full support for all existing ETSI and 3GPP standards
  • Full SS7 and SIGTRAN support
  • Full Diameter support
  • Circuit switched and packet data network support
  • Support for all core network vendors proprietary extensions
  • High availability and massive scalibility to support the largest networks
  • Geo-redundant configuration available

Roaming Service Centre (RSC)

The RSC provides a solution for sending Welcome, BonVoyage, Win-back and Tariff Info SMS messages to roaming customers.
The RSC gives mobile operators the ability to automatically send personalized welcome and bon voyage SMS/MMSmessages to roaming subscribers. It enables operators to welcome roamers to their network, introduce the net-work roaming services, and provide an effective way of communication to roamers by delivering valuable roaming information such as roaming tariffs.

Main features

  • Welcome Messages to be sent to Inbound Roamers
  • Bon Voyage Messages to be sent when an own subscriber is leaving the network
  • Win-back messages can be sent when an Inbound Roamer is leaving the network for a competitor network
  • MVNO networks have specific Bon Voyage Messages to be sent to MVNO subscribers
  • Several SMS messages can be sent sequentially for each event in case more information needs to be sent

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