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  • Equipment Identity Register

Ultimate control of access to the mobile network

Control Network Access for 3GSM/LTE

  • Prevent stolen handsets from being used in existing 3GSM/LTE networks
  • Reduce the appeal to steal
  • Trigger optimal provisioning of value added services
  • Full compliance with telecom regulations and other legal requirements
  • Enhanced security features for lawful intercept
  • Handset and SIM pairing for sponsored contracts
  • Fine grained control of business logic for home and roaming subscribers
  • Realtime integration with Network Monitor Solutions
  • Check and publish information with global or national central EIR databases
  • Integrated report generation

Future proof beyond standards

  • Support for both 3GSM and LTE in the same solution
  • Full support for all existing ETSI and 3GPP standards
  • Full SS7 and SIGTRAN support
  • Full Diameter support
  • Circuit switched and packet data network support
  • Support for all core network vendors proprietary extensions
  • High availability and massive scalability to support the largest networks
  • Geo-redundant configuration available

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