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  • Automatic Device Management System

Turn your subscribers into users

Synapse's ADMS solution allows operators to easily overcome all obstacles to provision configure devices for services. Subscribers are conveniently invited and configured to enjoy the services of their choice.

The ADMS provides a complete and automated solution for device management, where barriers are removed and services are pushed by the operator instead of pulled by the users. The subscribers can be invited,or automatically configured as soon as they use a service capable mobile device. The solution procedure can be customised according to operators' desire in applying filtering tools and treating each subscriber type differently, e.g. pre- and post-paid.

Key Benefits

  • Radically reduces customer care costs while improving performance
  • High service uptake and significant revenue increase from services
  • Reduced time-to-market and easy to use services
  • Fully automated service configuration procedure
  • Minimal requirement for subscriber interaction
  • Provides real time statistics of the device population, brands, models and capabilities
  • Enables targeted marketing campaigns

Main features

  • Automatic management of subscriber terminal and SIM Card changes
  • Integrated Customer Care interface
  • Integrated Provisioning Engine
  • Integrated Smartphone support
  • Fully redundant Cluster Configuration
  • Dynamic content in configuration messages
  • Integrated SMSC

Why choose the Synapse ADMS solution?

  • Inventor of Automatic Device Management in 2001
  • World leader in Automatic Device Management since 2003
  • Technology deployed in more than 180 networks globally, serving over 3 billion subscribers
  • Industry's most comprehensive device management platform
  • Most comprehensive device database in the industry
  • World's only system deliberately designed for fully automatic operation
  • Network vendor independent operation

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